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     FACULTY OF FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCES 18:01 10/12/2012 [948]

Address: 986 Quang Trung Street, Quang Ngai City, Quang Ngai Province

Tel: 84 55 3824040; Email:
Number of staff members: 35
Mathematics - Physics
Physical - National Defense and Security Education
Courses at College Level
Teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education, Mathematics - IT, Physics - Informatics, Mathematics - Physics, Chemistry - Biology, Chemistry - Geography, Physical Education - Young Pioneer Organization Affairs, etc.
Vocational Courses
Teach fundamental science subjects and some common subjects; manage use of laboratories of General Physics, General Chemistry and Sports;
Conducted 04 institution-level scientific studies and 07 scientific articles published in national and international journals;
Participated in "General Education Project" of VVOB, thereby developed active teaching with ICT, integrated teaching Environmental Education;
Organized and maintained Environmental Education Club, held contests such as "Raise Awareness of Environment and Climate Change", “Electronic Lesson Plans for Education Students”.
Future Development
            Provide some courses at university level for education students such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education;
Improve number and quality of faculty members, continue innovation in ICT-based teaching methodologies;
Become a faculty of sustainable development with the motto of Unity, Quality, Efficiency.

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